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Modern Tasarım Ofisi


LAB is an Architectural Design Workshop based in Ankara.   

  • Thinking universally and producing local values;

  • Designing the future while learning from tradition;

  • Considering the Historical, Geographical, and Cultural context as a whole;

  • To offer functional solutions by thinking user-oriented;

  • To give identity to buildings with innovative ideas and strategies;

  • It aims for environmentally friendly, energy-efficient smart designs.

Ofiste Gece Mesaisi


We believe that design can change many things!

First of all, the quality of life. Can natural lighting help employees work happier and more efficiently in an office? Can the sound of water contribute positively to the healing process in a patient room? Can a house plan reduce energy consumption? As LAB, we go beyond the building in the architectural design and project process and make our design decisions with such questions. Because we work passionately to design structures that not only look great, but also feel great.

The source of inventions is ideas.

Our architectural designs are based on an idea that has emerged according to needs and conditions. Treats each project as a new research topic; We aim to develop appropriate architectural solutions with ideas in the light of geographical-historical-cultural context, function, scientific data and project-specific inputs. 

We are listening to you.

When starting a new project, the memories + daily lives + dreams of the people that the project will influence, represent and serve constitute the essence of our ideas. Because we know that architecture is much more than drawings.

Participatory and Collective Design Process

We adopt an integrated design approach with interdisciplinary coordination and harmony. We involve all disciplines and employers from the beginning to the process in order to produce rational solutions to meet the needs program, to reach the design goals, to evaluate the budget and timeline in the most efficient way. We want to reach the most efficient design. 



We think that one of the most important parts of smart design is an environmentally friendly approach. We prioritize establishing the balance between the building and the natural environment during the entire design process, including the selection of the floor plan, building mass, materials and building systems. Considering the ever-increasing demand in the face of limited resources, we focus on producing economical solutions.

Modern Tasarım Döner Merdiven
-W. Churchill
We shape our buildings,
then they shape us”  
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