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LAB ARCHITECTS provides services in different cities in different countries. 

Building Types

Housing Projects:

Tourism Facilities:

Educational Structures:

Health Structures:

Sports Facilities:

Military Buildings:

Industrial Buildings:

Cultural Structures:

Transportation Structures:

Commercial Buildings:

Public Buildings:

Detached Houses, Villa, Stone House, Wooden House, Apartments

Hotels, Holiday Villages, Thermal Facilities, Turkish Bath, Aquapark, Marinas

Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Primary School, Middle School, High School and University Campuses

Hospital, Health Center, Pharmacy, Oral and Dental Center, Clinic, Wellness, SPA, Beauty Center

Outdoor / Indoor Swimming Pools, Gyms, Tennis Courts, Stadium

Headquarters and Special Barracks Buildings, Training, Exercise and Sports Fields, Position, Police Station

Factory Buildings, Organized Industrial Facility, Special Purpose Warehouses

Theatre, Cinema, Library Buildings, Museums, Mosque, Place of Worship, Historical Building Restoration

Airport, Bus Station, Train Station, Gas Station, Recreation Facility, Multi-storey Car Park

Shopping Centers, Offices, Administrative Building, High Buildings, Cafe, Restaurant, Fair / Convention Center, Bank / Stock Exchange / Insurance Branch and Buildings, Radio / Television Building, Chamber of Industry and Commerce

All Public Buildings Including Army House, Teacher's House, Police House, Ministries, Government Houses, Service Buildings, Courthouses, Embassy, Post Office, Youth Center, Town Hall.

and similar structures. To get information about your project


Service Summary:

We start by listening to you and we conduct an interactive process. By understanding your needs and dreams, we make plans that fit your budget. We are able to provide package coordination of turnkey architectural and engineering project services from ground zero to the start of construction. Services are offered in line with your needs and demands.

Service Details:

Determining Requirements and Needs, Site and Context Analysis, Concept Design, Survey, Preliminary Project, Final Project, Implementation Project, System and Assembly Details, Manufacturing Details, Technical Specifications, Quantity, Discovery and Cost Analysis, Tender File, Work Schedule, Meeting Reports, Superposition.

Presentation Details:

3D Models and Images, Technical Drawings, Virtual Reality (VR), Documents

In Coordination with Our Business Partners:

Statical Project (Reinforced Concrete, Steel, Prefabricated, Masonry Stone, Wood), Mechanical Project, Electrical Project, Ground Survey, Map Plankote, Energy Performance Certificate, Acoustic Report, Infrastructure Projects, Landscape.


Service Summary:

We also offer interior design services for all building types mentioned above, especially for Residences, Offices, Offices, Pharmacy, Clinic, Beauty Center, Cafes and Restaurants. Concept design, space planning, material selection, and special furniture designs can be made according to needs. In case of request, we can also provide supervision, consultancy or turnkey contracting services for the construction process.

Green Building

Green Building Service Summary:

In the light of climate data, we reduce the energy need of your building by using many bioclimatic passive design strategies such as orientation, plan organization, natural ventilation, natural lighting, natural heating with the sun, shading, natural cooling, and building envelope design. Optionally, we support rainwater harvesting, gray water reuse, energy generation with PV / Solar panels. We make efficient electrical and mechanical system choices when needed. In this way, we design energy-efficient green buildings, not only do we reduce or eliminate your bills, but we also take a valuable step for our world by reducing carbon emissions. We calculate the energy consumption and carbon emissions of the building by using analyzes and computer-aided simulations during the design process. In the meantime, we make decisions by considering the investment cost, life cycle and economic feasibility of each strategy we implement.

Healthy Building Service Summary:

Acording to USGBC a healthy building can be seen as a new generation green building that supports people's physical, psychological and social health, well-being and performance in addition to building concepts that are environmentally friendly and use resources efficiently. According to research, we spend more than 85% of our time indoors. This makes it even more critical that the place we live in offers healthy conditions. Various studies have shown that sick building syndrome causes chronic lung diseases, psychological and physiological disorders. 

According to  Harvard University  the 9 Fundamentals of Healthy Building are as follows: Air Quality, Thermal Comfort, Humidity Control, Dust and Pest Control, Safety and Security, Water Quality, Acoustic Comfort, Lighting and Visibility, Ventilation.(For detailed information on this subject, you can check out our blog post.)We produce solutions by considering international standards in healthy building design. In addition, we produce spatial solutions to reduce radiation exposure from information and communication technologies, especially for babies, children and people with chronic diseases. We design anti-bacterial and sterile areas when the function is required. 


Service Summary:

When requested, we offer supervision, consultancy, and contracting services for the projects we have designed. In this way, we save you from the difficulties to be encountered during the construction phase, and we provide economic advantage by preventing errors and waste in construction. At the same time, we ensure that the construction is carried out in accordance with technical principles and design, and we provide peace of mind in terms of durability, functionality and aesthetics. We also guide you through the start-up process of the building.

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Photo by Rohan Solankurkar on Unsplash
- Alain de Botton, Architecture of Happiness
  arises from unity of spirit and logic.”
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