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TCDD Ankara
Station Basin





Ankara - TR



Ankara Train Station, designed by Architect Şekip Akalın for the capital, was opened on 30 October 1937. Located within the TCDD Ankara Station Basin, there are Kule Restaurant, Ankara Train Station, War of Independence Museum, Atatürk House, Taşımacılık AŞ. Surveying and restoration projects were prepared by LAB Architecture in 2018 within the scope of simple renovations in a total of 28 buildings*, including buildings such asIt was commemorated and approved by Ankara No. 2 Cultural Heritage Preservation Regional Board.

*Buildings in the Station Basin:

1. Kule Restaurant, 2. Kurtuluş War Museum, 3rd Ankara Station Building

4. Railways Museum and Art Gallery, 5. Service House (Revision Office)

6. Service House (Health), 7. Transportation Inc. (Former 2nd Region Art.)

8. CTC Command Center, 9. 2nd Region Art. dormitory

10. Workplace/Security section chief, 11. Service House (CTC) and Workplaces

12. Small Nursery, 13. Service House (Old Mukhtar's Office)

14. Electronic Research Directorate, 15. Guest House, 16. Grand Nursery

17th Service House with 5 Flats, 18th Service House with 4 Flats, 19th Service House with 3 Flats

20. Service House with 4 Flats, 21. Service House with 3 Flats, 22. Wedding Hall

23. Küçük Ev Restaurant, 24. Service House with 76 Flats

25. Service House with 4 Flats, 26. Service House with 4 Flats, 27. Workers' Dining Hall

28. Officer's Residence

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